Our Story

HelloABQ! T-shirt

Our apparel and merchandise celebrate our hometown of Albuquerque. We spread New Mexico Pride.

I fell in love with New Mexico when I first discovered the beautiful mountains and experienced the vivid blue skies. Now my heart belongs to Albuquerque, where the culture is a mix of Native American/Spanish with Western and Eastern influences. Traditions are strong and artistic boundaries are pushed. The local people are beautiful and when the morning skies are filled with hot-air balloons, it is so peaceful.

Hello ABQ! is the sister company of Spacedust, a print and sign shop located in Albuquerque, NM.

Graphic designer and owner Al Lozoya says, “T-shirts and decals are a personal billboard for people to express themselves.” Our goal is to design visually bold graphics that speak to you and allow you to express your True Self. 

Our products are professionally designed, printed and shipped to your doorstep with care.